Google’s Bias Towards Clinton

Today in Technology

Alphabet, Inc.’s subsidiary, Google, is currently under scrutiny for  positively biasing search results for Hillary Clinton. When searching ‘Hillary Clinton ind’ on another search engine such as Yahoo!, the search engine suggests an auto-completion of ‘Hillary Clinton indictment’ while Google suggest the auto-completion of something more favorable – ‘Hillary Clinton Indiana’. The auto-complete feature is designed to auto-complete a users search by looking at the most popular searches of that day. A Google spokesperson released a statement saying that Google’s results are not biased and that they display the most common search – but do they actually?

Looking deeper into the situation it should be noted that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt financially supports the go-to data analytics company of Hillary Clinton. Is Schmidt biasing results for Hillary and against the other political candidates?

The bottom line here is that search engines should never provide biased search results, especially for politicians.  The entire point of using a search engine is to gather the best possible results for a search – putting a bias on the results simply makes it impossible to find the information that users need. Search engines should auto-complete to the most popular searches and display the best possible web pages for each search.

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