Microsoft – Windows 10 and Why its Wrong

Today in Technology

Upon logging into your computer today you were probably instantly greeted by a pop-up windows notification stating that your device is going to be updated to Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest and most ‘advanced’ operating system yet it is disliked by most users, especially in the corporate world. Microsoft publicly publishes user data gathered from Windows 10 users without their permission. In addition to this, Windows 10 is not very configurable, offers a hard to use graphic user interface (GUI), displays full screen ads when locked, and uses a large amount of data due to random background downloads.


Desktop screen for Microsoft’s Windows 10

The issues stated above are not Microsoft’s biggest problem at the moment – users are furious over the auto-update feature Microsoft has in place. By practically forcing the Windows 10 update on Windows 7 and Windows 8 users Microsoft has lost the trust of the majority of the Windows community. Over the past decade Microsoft has invested a lot in making Windows the best, and most used, operating system in the world – The Windows 10 auto-update feature definitely made them take  few steps back.

The problem is not that Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a bad operating system. In fact, after working out a few problems upon launch, Windows 10 is Microsoft’s best operating system yet. The problem lies in the fact that Microsoft implemented the new operating system incorrectly; they should also look into the publishing of user data to 3rd party groups. Microsoft should have launched better ad campaigns in order to raise awareness about Windows 10. Instead they secretly, and forcefully, updated a large percentage of user’s operating systems without their permission.

How do you feel about the implementation of Windows 10? What would you have done differently as a company when introducing a new product? How can Microsoft regain the trust of their users? Discuss below.


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